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The Rules

Runners can be disqualified at discretion of race staff and volunteers based on violation of any of the following rules, or for any other reasonable cause.

  1. Be courteous.  This is one of the most beautiful areas in the United States, and in our opinion, the world.  This course runs through U.S. National Forest.  To enjoy these lands is a privilege, not a right.  Your behavior on the course needs to reflect this fact.  Leave any sense of entitlement at home, or better yet, sign up for a different race far far away.  Any race staff or volunteer has the ability to disqualify any racer if they, their pacer, or their crew is in any way disrespectful to the land, wildlife, or other persons. 

  2. Runners must hole punch their bib at numerous unmanned out and backs along the route.  This is the only way to prove you completed the entire course.

  3. No unauthorized runners are allowed on the course.

  4. Runners must stay on the marked course at all times.  This is a CLOSED course.  Cutting switchbacks, taking shortcuts, etc. is automatic grounds for disqualification.  If a runner makes a wrong turn or needs minor medical assistance, they must return to the point on the course where they left off.  Runners who leave the course for any other reason (e.g. to take a nap at a hotel) will be disqualified.

  5. Runners needing to rest along the route must use common sense.  They must be far enough off the trail/road so that they are not run over by a vehicle or trampled by another runner.  However, they must be close enough to the route that they can be easily seen by emergency first responders, sweepers, or anyone else on the route.

  6. No muling is allowed.

  7. For the 100, pacers are allowed beginning at mile 53.7 (Weehawken Aid Station to finish).  Pacers must sign a USATF waiver in order to be authorized on the course. 

  8. For the 50, pacers may join runners at mile 24.4 at Fellin Park.  Pacers must sign a USATF waiver in order to be authorized on the course. 

  9. Pacer exceptions:  1) Runners age 60 and over may have a pacer for the entire race.  2) Runners with physical disabilities (e.g. amputees, partial blindness) may have pacers for the entire race with prior Race Director approval.

  10. Runners are required to have a headlamp and spare light source. 

  11. Do not litter on the course.  Furthermore, if you see that another runner has dropped a gel wrapper, a clothing article, or a partially eaten pint of Ben and Jerry’s, pick it up!  Carry it to the next aid station and throw it away in one of the designated trash/recycling containers.  Aside from the swell of pride you will get from being such a fine and upstanding citizen, you will also decrease the likelihood of a bear or other critter roaming the course for leftovers.

  12. Drop bags must be clearly marked with the runner’s name and bib number.  They must be weatherproofed.  Race officials are not responsible for bags that are lost/stolen/eaten by bears/eaten by other runners/etc..  Leftover bags will be donated to Goodwill.

  13. Registration transfers to another individual are allowed if the request is received by 7/25. 

  14. Transfers from the 100 to the 50 are allowed if the request is received by 7/25.  No difference in race fees will be refunded.

  15. Race fees are non-refundable.  (Exceptions are made in rare circumstances.)

  16. Race entry will not be rolled to the next year.  (Exceptions are made in rare circumstances.)

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